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Assorted costumes and characters - work in process
Yosemite/Half Dome Hike (17 miles) - September 28-30, 2001
Lara's wedding - September 9, 2001
Neil Gaiman book signing - June 26, 2001
Mom and Kelly visit - May 3-13, 2001


a.k.a. Ventrue Primogen for Sonoma County

Reghan Keating - my Vampire LARP character

right before we gorge ourselves on pizza and beer

the whole crew just after the hike, tired and STARVING

what's-his-name, Lara, and Kelly

some guy in a tux, Lara, and Kelly

Neil reading from American Gods

Neil reading from American Gods

Mom and Kelly and the SF skyline

Mom, Kelly, and the SF skyline


top of the waterfall on the way up

top of the falls

Abercrombie ad?

This is as far as I go, folks. Sorry, not a rock climber.

if you don't know who these people are, what are you doing here?

me and Kelly at Lara's wedding

Neil Gaiman touched me!  :)

hanging out with The Dream King

sorry, Kelly, had to put it up, it's too cute

Mew curled up with Kelly